The last convenant service in the month of January brought about a deeper revelation into the word of God in which I find it necessary to share.

The man of God message was centered on the Divine provision and care for God’s faithful flock.

As he buttress his point on God’s care for us as his faithful children,he made a point that got me thinking and have a change of heart.

As their has been a misconception of the term suffering amongst believer.

He said ” suffering in term for believers is persecution NOT affliction, sickness or diseases”.

You see,this statement was made and I got the point.

Joseph wasn’t suffering from a physical ailments but was put into prison because of him standing for holiness and so this means he was persecuted.

Daniel wasn’t sick or suffering from diseases but he was thrown into the lion’s den as a result of his Christian faith which means he was persecuted.

Infact, Elijah’s request for death wasn’t done on a bed of sickness or affliction but due to the persecution he was facing from Jezebel.

And I can go on but let me stop here….

All this point proof to us that the word “suffering”  as a believer is not synonymous to affliction, sickness or diseases.

It’s time for us as believers to Know our right in the Lord and claim it.

NO! Not at all!

That sickness is not meant for you neither is that disease part of God’s plan for your life.

Infact, let me tell you this, Lazarus didn’t get to heaven because he was poor,sick and there was sore all over him. He got to heaven because he was HOLY!

Enough of mistaking affliction and sickness with holiness.

Enough of mistaking sicknesses and diseases as a pass for heaven.

He called healing the children’s bread in Matthew 15:26.

Arise and tear off the veil that Satan has use to hold you spell bound for you are a child of God and you need not continue in pain, affliction and suffering.

Do not allow the devil to rub you of God’s blessings by giving you a wrong interpretation of his word.

Claim his promises in your life, and work it out with faith and you will enjoy the fullness of his blessings.
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Hello 🙋🏽‍♀️

It’s been a while on this platform. Am back!

I was to go work somewhere late last year.. But the area of work was not familiar to me.

I followed the description which was given to me.

And I got to a place where I needed to take a bike to get to the final destination.

They have a shed in which they pick up their customer.

I got to the shed and told them where I was going as I was instructed to do.

The rider gave me an amount I felt was too much even though I’ve never been there and I don’t know how far the journey is.

I decided to call the descriptor to know what amount it is but the rider got angry because I was trying to verify and he started talking angrily that he wasn’t going to carry me, that I should look for somewhere else to take a bike.

I even tried to explain myself but he was angry and he insisted I should go look elsewhere that they weren’t going to carry me again.

And I was…. like seriously? 🙄

But I wasn’t ready to beg so I carry my strong and stubborn head and simply move to the main road to try if I would get another means.

Remember I don’t know the place…..

After trying for sometimes without success I was almost thinking their jazzz was working on me.

Then, I got a bike who I gave the description but unfortunately doesn’t know the place 😒

Nonetheless he agreed to carry me and follow through with the description given to me.

We gallantly rode pass the other rider in the shed who refused to give me ride at first.

We got lost a few number of times,but I was quick to ask those we met for the right direction and we got back on the right track.

And then we finally got to our destination 😀

And to my amazement the rider collected half of the money required by the former rider.

Now, the lesson is this:

  1. Learn to disagree respectfully and maturely without having to insult or give a demeaning remarks.
  2. Respect other people’s opinions even if it doesn’t make sense to you.
  3. Being turned down doesn’t mean their won’t be a positive outcome, you never know maybe you just deserve better.
  4. Don’t let someone’s negativity affect your own positivity, remember in life people will always try to pull you down but your own reaction determine the outcome.
  5. The journey of life may be rough and unclear, but when you follow through and stick with the right description which is THE WORD OF GOD you will reach your destination.
  6. when you get confused on this journey of life seek counsel from the right source ( SPIRITUAL LEADERS) and get back on the right track.

©️E_starz writes.



Reminiscing on academic activities that has been put on hold for some times now due to the pandemic.

I remember a parent who posted on social media that her kids has been disturbing her asking when they will be going back to school.

The woman simply dress them up in their school uniform and ask them to wait for her in the vehicle stating that she will at least have peace of mind for the short moment.

Children are disturbed and they don’t understand the reason why they can’t return to school and see their long time friends and have a feel of the school environments.

And for the older ones they are concerned, about their academic life.

Parents are worried as the pandemic is causing a serious setback to their children’s academic.

But If not for anything, some parents want schools to be opened because of the nuisance children are causing at home.

No doubt the work of teachers are being felt as parents are looking for where to place their children because of their hyperactive and troublesome ways.

Then a teacher takes at least 15 of those hyperactive children in a class.

Hmm….. Just imagine

Now, teachers have a great role to play in the life of every children.

But then, I start to wonder on the reasons why parents are being rude to their kids teacher.

Having taught in a primary school I can say I have a share of some of this parents uncalled for attitude.

Some parents even make it an anthem as they scream in the hears of this teachers that it’s their money that put food on their tables.

I think this period of pandemic should be a time for parents to acknowledge and appreciate the works of our beloved teachers.

Because even though they get paid for their works, they leave indelible mark in the lifes of this children which can never be erase.

Teachers are just like candles 🕯️ burning themselves to light others.

PS: I got privileged to meet one of my teachers late last year. Hence,the picture below 👇🏽

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I attended a primary school that was quite far away from home. So, I go to school by bus.

On so many occasions we get to school late because of the distance only to meet the pupils who are close to school already in class.

So, on one of those days I got late to school.

I went to my seat gently trying to catch up with the lessons I’ve missed.

I was a very quiet pupil in class, and I hardly interact with other pupils.

But then a girl whom I termed to be quite troublesome walked up to me begging me to forgive her If she has ever wronged me.

I was confused, but anyways I told her she hasn’t wronged me and she moved to her seat.

Afterwards, I later got to know that there was a news flying around in the whole class that the rapture was going to happen on a stipulated date. Hence, a reason for her restitutions .

I only smiled and continue with my day activities because I knew it just can’t be true.

I knew deep within me that the time of the rapture is not known by any man. ( Matt 24:42, 44 ).

I  was just in primary 2 and about the youngest in class and I wasn’t even born again but I know what I know.

Dear parents or to be, whatever you instill in your children at a very young stage remains. knowing that their believe will be questioned or put to test when they are outside.

If you fail to instill in them that which they need. They will end up crumbling down when they are faced with the world.

Instill the need to fear and reverence God in them.

Teach them the sound and true word of God, hide nothing from them, let them ask their childish questions and answer them diligently.

These days I see kids in church run about when the word of God is going on,and no one bothers to correct and when some persons even correct them their parents will defend the child stating “he is still small” or “she is still small,she doesn’t understand yet”

Remember, the scriptures says;  Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. ( Pro 22:6)

E_starz Writes.


Hello 🙋🏻‍♀️, it’s been a while.

Just came back from the retreat and it was awesome, am sure it’s a programme I will always live to remember🤗

So,read this nuggets👇🏾

Some years ago Annie had a slight misunderstanding  with someone who was way older than her.

She was in pain due to some happenings earlier before then so the devil decided to take control of that and she talked so disrespectfully back to that person, with some persons present and she left.

After some days she was privileged to meet with the person and she apologised, They came back together and got on good terms.

But you see, some persons were there that day whom she wasn’t able to meet to explain herself and possibly also apologize to them, and am sure they took that impression with them somewhere else.

The lesson is this, one wrong move of yours one day can destroy your right of every other days even after you’ve made amends.

So, be careful of your words and actions for they are like egg, when broken they cannot be packed and they are like flame which can go before you to destroy the future ahead.

      E_starz writes


I came back from work on Friday evening so tired. It wasn’t easy getting transportation at that time of the evening as it was a closing time for most workers.

As I reached home I ate, freshen up and went into my room. I decided to check somethings online regarding the ASUU strike and then, my phone beeped with notification from my email account.

It was asking me if I was the one that just logged into my Google account with an iPhone.

What?? iPhone ke?

I don’t even recognize an iPhone if I see one unless being told.臘

So, how come I logged in to my account with an iPhone?

But it directed me to  verify and if I am not the one to change my password.

I swung into action because all my accounts password are tied to this goggle account.

Yes! I saved all my accounts with its password on this particular goggle account.

Then as I was trying to make the changes, they ask me for my former password.

And then… I realized I had forgotten.

How could I forget a password account that had the key to other accounts.

Well, maybe I don’t get to make use of the account more often. So I didn’t familiarize myself with the password.

You see, the devil comes so many times to try, tempt and discourage us.

He want to infest our lives with discouragement and  the things of this world.

And then he comes at that weakest time of our life.

The only weapon we have is THE WORD…

But… We noticed we can’t combat the devil because we lack that which we are to use.

And then, when we needed to win the battles, we find ourselves devoid of the word and we get sunk up.

God’s word are ever potent and powerful, and a more closer walk with him give us a deeper understanding of his word and to also combat the devil whenever he  raises up it’s ugly head.

God’s promises are littered in the Bible, which are for us and for our children.

Jesus himself quoted the scriptures  when he was tempted of the devil, and the Bible made us to understand that Satan flee.

He said  though the heavens and the earth shall pass away but his word will not pass away.

Familiarize yourself with God’s word and then take him by his word and see his awesome power wrought wonders in your life.

E_starz writes.


There are days when we enjoy the moments and we feel all things are turning our ways.

There are days we don’t want to forget, because of the good memories and joy it brings to soothe our soul.

But there are days that seems the night stayed too long.

There are days we never wants to remember.

There are days we wished we never lived in.

You see, that’s just the twist about life.

But then, why worry about things you have no control about?

All this things are but for a season.

Lift up your heads cos weeping may endure for a night but joy cometh in the morning.
       E_starz writes.


“St Anthony is great
I will make it greater.
We will make it the greatest
faire son devoir.
Thats the motto lets keep the flag flying”.

As I sat at the ministry of education today, which was close to my alma mater ST ANTHONY SECONDARY SCHOOL, ILORIN.
I sang this song in my heart ruminating on those days of our lifes in school.

But then I remembered those days with a mixed feeling of happiness and sadness.

I was happy because of the little progress I’ve made since my departure from the school.

And I was happy because of how far God has helped me, judging with the way things went I never knew I could go this far.

But then, I wished, I had done things differently when I was in secondary school.

I wished I had done more better academically.

I wish I was more social.

I wish I attended fellowship of Christian students (FCS) more regularly.

I wish I was active in one of the school clubs…

I  just wish…….

But you see, those days has passed and it can never be regained.

One of those things I now look out for, is to see how I am presently living my life.

What matters now is my present and the future not the past that had gone behind me.

I don’t want to look back at this my present and start wishing I had done differently.

I may not have control over the past but I do have control over my present.

You may have made some silly mistakes over the times.

You may have done things that you aren’t proud about.

But what matters most is making your present and your future count.

Truly, opportunities lost can never be regain but you can make the present worthwhile.

E_starz writes


I came back from work one of this days hungry and tired.

I couldn’t afford the money to buy something at work as I had already calculated my transportation fare for the week and any extra spending will lead to reduction of the money.

So, I endured the hunger and hurried home.

But as I move closer I noticed light wasn’t coming out from the kitchen window as of the norms.

And on getting home I realized the door was locked.

But I checked my bag and couldn’t get my keys, then I remembered that I left it on the table in my room a night before while searching for some stuffs in my bag.

I always leave home with my keys even though I don’t get to use them as I’ve always meet everyone at home.

But on this day when I needed it I forgot to take it out.

I had to start making calls despite my hungry state.

So many times, we pray, study God’s word and communicate with the father before engaging in the days activity and we never forget to do any of this.

But just one day that you rush out of the house without communicating with God then the devil might want to use that single day against you.

You might be faced with temptations you cannot handle.

You might run ahead and make decisions that will cause you to regret for the rest of your life.

God’s word is ever true and relevant.

Remember the devil is always roaming about like a roaring Lion seeking whom he may devour.

If he always have a plan against God’s own then why leave home without the support of your anchor?

Don’t put any of your days into the hands of chances.

Be intentional about every day of your life because the devil is never tired in its course against your Christian faith.

E_starz writes.



I was coming back from work last week. It was already getting dark and I was in a hurry not to get home late.

I passed some boys by the way side, as I proceed on my journey.

Then I heard them calling my name. I was surprised because I was so sure I’ve never met them before.

Then it suddenly dawned on me that the clothing I was putting on was customized in such a way that my name was bodly written at the back.

And that was use to identify me. Now dearly beloved, what is your identity?

Can people see you and identify you with Christ, even without hearing a word from you?

Can people see God in you even without relating with you?

You see, you don’t have to put a clergyman sticker before people know who you really are.

Infact, you don’t have to carry the Bible before people know what you believe in.

The Christian were called so first in Antioch because there life was reflecting Christ.

A song says, ” your life is like a book my friend, a Christian Life spins out”

Now, I put this question to you, what is your identity?
             E_starz writes