Have you ever seen a group of musical team come to display the worst of their member?
Have you ever seen those in theaters select the poorest in a role?

And so is social media, everyone wants to assume a good life, everyone wants to be seen as the best couple. No one wants to reveal there deficiency. Everyone put up a smiling faces on this street of social media

Sometimes ago, I was somewhat down in matters of the health. I practically was rolling on my bed and replying  messages with love and smiling emojis .

Don’t you come on social media and feel you have a worst life. So many are struggling just as you are doing but they just wouldn’t reveal the ‘ behind the scene’.

You see, I am a photographer@Ten6 image studio and when it deals with taking baby shoot I Know how stressful it can be you have to do all manner of petting to make the baby to stay and possibly smile. sometimes, parents even threaten to beat some children so they can cooperate to have a good outcome. But after the post production no one knows the behind the scene they only see a happy and smiling baby.

Don’t put your self into depression just because of what you are seeing here. It’s just a matter of time with Faith and hard work you will achieve your goals.

Just know your God and be firm with him cos its not all that glitter is gold

          E_starz writes


I attended a wedding sometimes ago and I actually got to see so many old faces at the programme which brought about old memories.

I sat on a round table with the few that were still closer to me. There was no much to discuss about as song blast in from the speaker which made it impossible to have a real conversation without raising our voice.

So, I let my eyes roam about the surrounding as I take somethings to note. My eyes fell on someone in particular of which we were together in the same unit for a few moments before I eventually got admission and I left. I also do read his content on this space of social media which has been benefitting to me.

I remove my gaze and continue ruminating on other things believing he doesn’t know me since we had little or no contact.

As the programme continued he moved over to my table to greet me but I responded weakly thinking he came to greet the person sitting beside me as we all were in the same unit when I was around and still much active.

He left our table to his corner and then it suddenly dawned on me that I could actually be the one he came to greet.

I stood up to go apologize and make amends but he wasn’t there any longer.

I ask a few people who might possibly Know him of his whereabout but no positive response.

So, I dropped a message for him through someone I assumed was more closer to him.

Finally, as the programme was coming to an end he came to my table again apparently his friend delivered my message.

I quickly apologize for my weak response the first time he came to greet him. I explained to him that I thought he wouldn’t know me cos we had little interaction when I was around.

He told me he knew me well and that he usually read my write-up on this space and that was why he came to greet me.

So, I began to think ” what if I had not try to right my wrong with him?” he would have probably left with a wrong impression.

You see, your actions goes before you and whatsoever impression you leave might have a lasting impact. Whatever opportunity you have to correct your wrong please do because you might never have the opportunity again.

Don’t just ignore little things and say you don’t care what people think about you cos that little might later end up speaking for or against you in the future.

            E_starz writes.


There is a song we usually sing in my primary school days which goes thus:
Wherever you go
Wherever you be
Do not say YES when you need to say NO.

There are some people who can’t say NO to friends, family and close ones
They feel saying NO is disrespectful to adults.
They feel guilty when they manage to say NO to close ones.

I want us to take a case study of Jehoshaphat King of Judah and Ahab king of Israel. King Ahab invited King Jehoshaphat to go to battle with him knowing fully well that God wasn’t In support of the battle.

Infact, he ask for a exchange of garment for the battle meaning king Jehoshaphat will put on king Ahab royal robe.

In all, he wants to disguise so he wouldn’t be killed in the battle and he will escape death and his dear friend will be mistaken for him and Jehoshaphat will die instead.

And in all this, King Jehoshaphat couldn’t say NO neither did he question the demand of his friend.

Maybe he was thinking ” king Ahab is a friend and neighbor and I shouldn’t say NO to him or questions his reasoning”

He almost lost his life at the battle field if not for God’s intervention.

You see, Saying NO doesn’t mean you are disrespectful.
Don’t just grudgingly comply when you are not comfortable with the situation.

Learn to say NO when:
It lowers your self esteem.
It depicts your core values.
It’s against God’s command and injunction.
Your spirit doesn’t support or agree.

            E_starz writes


While having  my prayers this morning I read a portion of the Bible that talks about Gratitude using the case of the ten lepers that was healed and how one of them cried with a loud voice to appreciate him and others received their miracles and left quietly without a show of appreciation

A salient point from the write-up stuck me up which says ” you may not always win all the battles in life but we should always remember what God has given us already and thank him for that”

You see, we pray, we fast but some battles might not actually be won in this life.

This life is not our own and we can’t expect all that we need or to always be at comfort. There are challenges, there are battles but we should always remember that he who fights all battles on our behalf as a better plan for us.

We have goodly treasure in heaven waiting for us which should be our main focus. When battles are not being won instead of complaining or whining about the present condition why can’t you look on the side that is brightest which is the heavenly home he has for use.

Lazarus was poor and sick in his life time, maybe he had prayed and fasted but is request was not granted. But he never missed that heavenly home.

My fellows, always put in your thoughts that even if you can’t get the riches of this world. The riches of his kingdom should not be missed.

PS: Being poor doesn’t equates righteousness.

          E_starz writes.


On my way to work on most days I always see this woman. She is a  police officer but she does her work with so much enthusiasm. She controls the traffic singing, dancing and with much happiness.

Then I start to think what if we all put in our best to whatsoever we find ourselves doing?
What if we no longer complain about the government but we all just play our part?
What if we all do our work as if it is all that matters?

What if we all do the right without been told and treat government properties the way we would have treat ours?

Imagine the kind of country we will be.

Imagine the kind of existence it will create.

You see, it’s time we start seeing ourselves as the government because whatsoever we do now, when we get a place of power it’s what we will surely portray.
Stop telling us how good you will act if you have the opportunity to rule but rather start it now.whatsoever attitude you present In a small organization is what you will do when you get to a bigger one.

I think we all should stop pushing a blame on one another but work on ourselves and create a better Nigeria.

Just imagine the kind of environment we will live in  If everyone decides to be a better version of themselves.

Creating a better Nigeria all lies in our hands.
        E_starz writes.
Happy independence to my country🇳🇬


A Time of despair can be liken to a time when the light of our path appears dim and gloomy.

As we offer more prayers to the heavens so it seems his presence is more far.

The burdened heart cries out in the deepest part of your heart, no one knows the pain that runs through the hidden part of you.

But you see, it’s not a time to sit aback and draw into self pity.

He said it in Isaiah 60:22 that I the Lord will hasten it in his time.

God’s plan for us is perfect, his ways are not our ways neither his thoughts our thoughts. He created you and formed you. He is your manufacturer he knows what’s best for you.

Just lean on his promises, they are yea and amen. He will surely come and save you.  Remember that when the Lord turned again the captivity of Zion they were like them that dream.( Psalm 126:1)

Lift up your eyes, appreciate the present cos your future is secured, your disappointment will be turned into blessings only if you can patiently wait.

You know, I have come to notice this one thing, that  the saviour is NEVER too late. He comes at the right time.

Lazarus was four days dead but I tell you Jesus Christ came at the right timing, he was never too late.

He will never come late in your life hold unto God’s promises and patiently wait for is TIMING cos he is more closer than you can ever imagine.
    E_starz writes.


I was at work one evening when a customer  came around. I render my service to her and she told me she needs the printed work early the following day and I gave her my words.

I usually do wash on Saturday morning before going to work but because of my promise to her I left home earlier than usual..

I made sure her work was ready and I got to work earlier than I even promised her 

But it happened this lady came about six hours late to the time she gave me 

So many times we’ve made allot of promises to God when in desperate needs of something.

We promised to serve and submit ourself to him if he would grant us that admission or give us that job or the partner we so much desire.

But as soon as God fulfill his own promise and we get what we want. We forget we ever made a promise to him.

And when another troubles surface we run to him for help again begging and also making promises and when those things are not being fulfilled or granted (which might even be for our good) we carry sore faces around saying life has not being fair to us.

You see, God cannot be fooled he knows the very thought and intent of man.

His thoughts towards us are of peace and not of evil but to give an expected end. He will grant our desires according to his promises even when we don’t make a vow but dearly beloved if you’ve made a vow play your part by fulfilling your vows.
           E_starz writes.


I attended a Catholic secondary school and when I was still a newbie I enjoyed every minute of it.

I quickly memorized the prayer we all chorused on the assembly. I enjoyed going for Mass during any celebration in school.

But as I started getting used to the school system I noticed my love for all this things declined. I no longer get excited to go for Mass, I no longer chant the prayer joyfully as I use to do during my early days and I was giving different excuses for this.

So exactly is this when you just gave your life to christ.
You cried and promise to serve him for all of your days. You shun evil companion, you study more of God’s word and pray.

Fellowship was never a burden to you. You enjoy the fellowship of God’s children. You never saw a man standing on the altar all you could see was the message pouring out from the Oracle of God.

You pour out yourself to God’s service, giving as unto the Lord.

You were glad when they say let us go into the house of the Lord.

You were just HUNGRY for more of him.

But uncle what is the problem this days 路? You now see something wrong with God’s Minister.

You now skip fellowship days saying ‘ko mata’ ( it doesn’t matter).

You now start seeing the hypocrisy and the the unhealthy relationship between bro Rufus the choirmaster and sister Chidinma the lead singer.

You start seeing pastors whose children are wayward but teach on godly family.

You even confront pastor Silas when he was trying to correct you on a particular behavior of yours telling him to look inward and straighten his family.hun

You see, dear aunty all this people were there and all this hypocrite you now see today were also there when you committed yourself wholly unto God.

But it’s you that has lost your first love for the Lord. Your zeal and fervency is going down the drain but you are passing the blame unto others.

See, let me tell you heaven is a personal affairs. You won’t have a good justification for not making heaven.

Go fall at the feet of the cross and go back to him.

Reclaim your first love for the master and keep your eyes on the trophy right ahead.
        E_starz writes.


Sundays  is always a less busy day for me. So this particular Sunday I and my brother agreed to watch a movie together.

The main personalities in the movie was a young boy who happens to be a singer. He was known to be stubborn, disrespectful and fight his fellow students.

But he kept seeing his fellows thriving in music. He became jealous and he got attracted to also been on the limelight.

He started with the basis and put in long hours of self practice because his good voice alone cannot earn him his desire. He prepared himself for the day opportunity may arise so he can show case is talent.

Then opportunity came and he perform beautifully well. And he later became the lead singer for a much awaited great concert.

You see, we all love to be on the limelight, we all love to be celebrated.

But are you preparing yourself for that opportunity which is to come?

If opportunity should come meeting you unprepared you may miss that great opportunity of  yours.

Stop sitting in the seat of the mediocre who joined to say ” what is mine will be mine”.

What is yours might not later be yours if you don’t prepare yourself for it coming.

Your gift alone might not place you on the limelight if hard work is absent. In this days of ours hard work beat talents.

Remember opportunity once lost may never be regain. So, strive to thrive.
( For more on the movie you can watch boychoir)

         E_starz writes.


Fear is generally known to be an unpleasant emotion. But looking at it this day’s it has become a thing of motivation for most people.

When I was small my parents do take I and my brother to spend our holiday with a particular family.

During the family devotion they always ask us to pray for the country explaining how bad things are and how bad is still going to be in the next year’s to come. I remember the little me will be shivering on my seat wondering why God will bring us to this life to come and suffer.

( I think I should be about 7 or 8 years then)

The fear induced in me which is although not intentional made me have less confidence in God judging with the present circumstances and where they said we are still going.

Coming to spiritual aspect

So many times on this street of social media I see allot of ‘preachers’ who their anthem is always REPENT OR PERISH ( just like Jonah 😂)

But you see it’s actually true their is need for repentance and if their is no repentance their is intending doom.

But It seems they have forgotten that this word of God is a two edged sword.

I always love to sing a song with Joy in my heart which goes thus:
Oh! what grace that brought me to the fold.
Wondrous grace that brought me to the fold.

Yes! There is this gift for mankind that we call GRACE.

Have you forgotten that he loved us so much that even while we were yet sinner he chose to die for us?

He brought us into the kingdom by love, grace and mercy that he had for us and not with fear.

Let me share a little experience.

My 100 level first semester was filled with so much fear.

In futminna if you don’t know your stand you can just pack your bag and go home after your first week on campus with the way different people will be giving you different woe story of how stressful and hard it is for someone to have a good result .

Infact someone even went as far to show me his jotting note for a course and that he still had a bad grade in that course.

They will give you the percentage of students that got withdrawn that year and that they scaled through narrowly.

So back to my story, my 100 level first semester was filled with people instilling so much fear about the school.

So with much fear I read and prepare for my first test. The first test I was to write was physics ( phy 113). It was an e_test.

My hands were visibly shaking that I couldn’t concentrate on what I was doing, the thought of failing coupled with my poor performance in physics right from my secondary school days came recalling.

I kept thinking of how I was going to re-write the exam if I fail this one.

Well, long story short I had 16 out of 40 in that test. At the long run I had the poorest result so far amongst the other semester.

So, my question is this did that fear actually bring out the best in me? NO.

Fear is never a powerful motivator, never think you can get the best from a person when you instill fear in them.

Tell people of the amazing grace at the cross, tell them of the shepherds love for the sheep 🐑. Tell them about the prince of peace who is willing to give them peace from this chaos of life if they surrender to his outstretched arm.

The fear of hell can bring them but it might not keep them. Only the love of Christ can.

Grace, mercy and love brought me to the fold not fear.

Spread love ✔️✔️
Not fear ❌❌

E_starz writes.